• Jonathan R. Ferrer

  • Background
    I’m a graphic designer, digital marketer and advertising technology professional that has a deep passion for all forms of visual art and design.

    My love for swiss design inspired me to dedicate an entire website to style, detailing its history and highlighting the designers who lead the movement that we value so much today. Join me and explore the history of Swiss graphic design, its influential designs, artists and their and impact in contemporary graphic design.

  • Early Career
    I was born and raised in the South Bronx of New York City on December of 1983. Unlike many children who enjoyed playing sports or excelling in various academics, I had the innate skill in visual arts and spent most of my childhood drawing various cartoons, people, and outdoor sceneries. I started my formal art education at Alexander Burger junior High School in the Bronx, where I was able to specialize in art, which allowed me to enhance my drawing abilities and to build a solid portfolio that enabled me to get accepted to the High School of Art and Design in NYC where I majored in illustration.

  • Influences
    It was after High School where I began to study graphic design and photography at SUNY Sullivan County Community college. This new medium open my eyes to the world of design and allowed me to explore creativity in a digital form. After graduating from Community College and taking a short break from the design industry to attend Basic Combat training, I was accepted to the graphic design program at SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

  • Self Portrait, Pencil

  • Zhang Huan, Charcole

  • Old Man, Markers

  • All Japan Fashion Teachers Poster

  • New York Jazz Festival Poster

  • Impact of Color Poster

  • It was at FIT where I truly honed my skills as a graphic designer as I learned about the history of graphic design and most importantly, Swiss design. Along with my various typography and design courses, I began to adopt the swiss style in all my design work. What drew me to the swiss style was its principles of design and its use of the grid while at the same time highlighting the importance of typography as an artform in itself. Therefore, the swiss style allowed me to remain disciplined and creative at the same time.

  • Work
    After graduating from FIT in 2010, I was activated to active duty and served three years at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst New Jersey. During this time, I found various opportunities to design marketing and promotional materials for Non-profit organization and won several awareness poster design competitions for my local Army unit. Due to my ingrained creative drive, I became a Public Affairs Officer so that I continue designing for the Army Reserves while also enrolling in the digital media graduate program at Harvard University Extension School.

  • At Harvard, I designed several promotional pieces for the Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA). Currently, I work in digital advertising and as a freelance designer, helping brands market themselves in today’s dynamic environment. In addition, I love to sketch people while riding the train, so feel free to say hello if you catch me drawing you while riding the Subway in NYC.